Music behind DJ:

Johnnie Bismarck and the Fillings - "Do The Jelly Donut" - Audio Cookbook [CC0]

Mild Wild - "Particular Pace" - a: Particular Pace b: Primary Colors [CC BY]

Tojamura 7 - "Emerald Cunard" - Love Dies EP [CC BY-NC-ND]

Paper Wave - "Afternoon Sun on Ziva's Seventh Moon" - Lonely Hearts Challenge [CC BY-NC]

Artem Bemba - "Respiratory Waves" - Airways [CC BY-NC-SA]

German Army - "Ordinary Minds" - German Army & Bloque del Sur Split [CC BY-NC-SA]

aAirial - "Lonely Landscape" - Winterkauen [CC BY-NC-ND]

Bi G K - "Track 02" - Strawberry Island [CC BY-NC-ND]

Music behind DJ:

Frederic Lardon feat Laura Palmée - "Dans la piscine" - Jazz à la cool pour les vacances sur la plage ou à la montagne [CC0]

getdizzzy - "spicy dark ocean" - strange loop infinity bliss LIVE 2017 [CC BY-NC-ND]

Cartouch - "Two ducks on a tree" - Cartouch [CC BY-NC-ND]

Sro - "Atleast Looks Green" - Full Stop Punctuation [CC BY-SA]

Blah Blah Blah - "Johny's Motors" - MOONRAKER 5.3.17 [CC BY-NC-SA]

Subset - "Route 22E" - Dub City Sounds [CC BY-NC-ND]

Sam Bikov - "Russian Folk Dance" - Dance The Night Away [CC BY-NC-ND]

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Music behind DJ:

Podington Bear - "60's Quiz Show" - Bon Voyage [CC BY-NC]