Music behind DJ:

Johnnie Bismarck and the Fillings - "Do The Jelly Donut" - Audio Cookbook [CC0]

Mole - "Welcome To Videogame Island" - We're Always Home [CC BY-NC]

That Crooner From Nowhere - "Fun Fat Fun" - This is Vocaltronica [CC BY-NC-ND]

Cathedral of Chemical Equilibrium - "2. One" - Sonic Action and Regulation [Public Domain]

Hermelin - "I Felt Xetrov" - Hermelin [CC BY-NC-SA]

Tortue Super Sonic - "Neogrotesque" - Neogrotesque [CC BY-NC-SA]

Gustav Landin - "Elatan" - Canzoni per i Natali del Futuro [CC BY-NC-SA]

Christian Bjoerklund - "Hallon" - Skapmat [CC BY-NC-SA]

Ant Neely - "Might As Well Whistle" - Not Fit For Human Consumption [CC BY-NC-SA]

Juanitos - "En Croisiere" - Exotica [CC BY]

Music behind DJ:

Frederic Lardon feat Laura Palmée - "Dans la piscine" - Jazz à la cool pour les vacances sur la plage ou à la montagne [CC0]

Jonah Dempcy - "Azurescent" - Syncretic Beliefs [CC BY-NC]

La Rainbow Toy Orchestra - "El Circo de Nunca Jamás" - Family Album [CC BY-NC-ND]

Advent Chamber Orchestra - "Albinoni - Concerto for 2 Oboes in F Major Op9 no3, 3 Allegro" - Selections from the November 2006 Concert [CC BY-SA]

Lanark - "Satie Ladybug" - The Preserving Machine [CC BY-NC]

Aaron Ximm - "Angela Climbs a Boulder at Horn Creek, the Sun Sets, the Bat Flies By" - Handpans and the Hang [CC BY-NC-SA]

Lee Maddeford - "Le petit jardin (with Les Gauchers Orchestra)" - Instrumentals 1 [CC BY-NC-SA]

Philadelphia String Quartet - "3 - Allegro" - Becerra-Schmidt: Cuarto Cuarteto Para Cuerdas [CC BY-NC-ND]

Felipe Sarro - "Ravel - Ma Mere L'Oye - 4: Les Entretiens De La Belle Et De La Bete" - Ravel [CC BY-NC-ND]

Adrian Juarez - "Limpia Tu Cuaderno (Voice By Adriana Díaz)" - Floreale [CC BY-NC-SA]

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Music behind DJ:

Podington Bear - "60's Quiz Show" - Bon Voyage [CC BY-NC]