Music behind DJ:

Yerkes American Marimbaphone Band - "Tishomingo Blues Introducing Some Chocolate Drops" - Antique Phonograph Music Program 03/31/2015 [No Known Copyright Restrictions]

Vernon Dalhart - "Alcoholic Blues" - Antique Phonograph Music Program 08/25/2015 [No Known Copyright Restrictions]

Giovanni Vicari - "Occhi di Bambola" - Occhi di Bambola [CC BY]

Billy Murray - "At The Mermaids' Fancy Ball" - Edison Blue Amberol: 2313 [CC BY NC]

Foune Mousso Kouyate - "Tenindie" - Tenindie [CC BY]

Bohemios da Cidade - "Lá Lá é Lé Lé" - Lá Lá é Lé Lé [CC BY]

Charles Crawford Gorst - "Laughing Love" - Edison Blue Amberol: 2646 [CC BY NC]

Stapleton Brothers - "Call of the Whip-Poor-Will" - Call of the Whip-Poor-Will [CC BY]

Bessie Smith - "My Sweetie Went Away" - Antique Phonograph Music Program 02/17/2015 [No Known Copyright Restrictions]

Islam Yusufov - "Song About Stalin" - Song About Stalin [CC BY - fascinating history here]

Music behind DJ:

Iriarte and Pesoa - "Libertad" - Libertad [CC BY]

31 de Octubre - "Milongueros" - Milongueros [CC BY]

Njembe Gwet Paulemond - "Paulemond a Ye Nsinga Ndinga" - Paulemond a Ye Nsinga Ndinga [CC BY]

Clarice Vance - "Maria" - Antique Phonograph Music Program 04/21/2015 [No Known Copyright Restrictions]

John J Kimmel - "Medley of Straight Jigs" - Edison Gold Moulded Record: 9665 [CC BY NC SA]

Athenian Mandolin Quartet - "Cacliz March" - Antique Phonograph Music Program 01/17/2012 [No Known Copyright Restrictions]

Gendér Wajang of Kuta - "Pemungkah" - Pemungkah [CC BY]

Kunai-sho Gakubu - "Koromogo-e" - Koromogo-e [CC BY]

Pandit Omkarnath Prakur - "Garawa Mayi Sang Lage Pts 1 and 2" - Garawa Mayi Sang Lage Pts 1 and 2 [CC BY]

Music behind DJ:

Scott Joplin - "Pine Apple Rag (piano roll)" - Frog Legs: Ragtime Era Favorites [CC BY NC SA]