Music behind DJ:

Johnnie Bismarck and the Fillings - "Do The Jelly Donut" - Audio Cookbook [CC0]

Ghobi - "Jewellin" - Ghobi [CC BY-NC-SA]

Hinterheim - "cerfeuille - earthwork" - ////Whiteout [CC BY-NC-ND]

Charun - "De Tranquillitate Animi" - Stige [CC BY-SA]

Breath Before The Plunge - "Black & Blue" - Breath Before The Plunge [CC BY]

Life Of An Owl In Alaska - "Bourges" - I Fly I Watch I Kill I Eat I Make No Noise [CC BY-NC-ND]

Moon Unit - "Brain Bubble" - Live at WFMU on Brian Turner's Show on April 26 2011 [CC BY-NC-ND]

Music behind DJ:

Podington Bear - "60's Quiz Show" - Bon Voyage [CC BY-NC]