Music behind DJ:

Alpha Hydrae - "Fish Attack !!!!" - Et Recule [CC0]

Better Psychics - "Fun Of Old" - Better Psychics [CC BY NC ND]

Kaz Mirblouk - "The Narrows" - Live on WFMU with Liz Berg, 9/6/2016 [CC BY NC ND]

U Can Unlearn Guitar - "Doggies Keep Barking" - An Allegorical Breakdance For The Year 4586 [CC BY NC SA]

Half Cocked - "Cherry Dump Cake" - Audio Cookbook [CC0 - enter here until June 30th!]

Régis Victor - "Guitare, orgue, batterie et Régis Victor" - 2002 [CC BY NC SA]

Thread Pulls - "Live at Festival of Endless Gratitude, Track 2" - Live at Festival of Endless Gratitude [CC BY NC SA]

X-Breed - "Peggy Got Her Eyes Full" - Necroscopix Vol 1. (1970-1981) [CC BY NC ND]

Studio Noir - "Thirteenth Hour on Heliopolis" - Singsongs For You, The Moon [CC BY NC SA]

Music behind DJ:

Milkshake Daddy - "The Luddite" - Aquatic Ape Hypothesis [CC BY NC SA]

Hayvanlar Alemi - "Equatorial Lies" - Hayvanlar Alemi & Shhjjjjjjj [CC BY NC ND]

Trailblazer - "(Untitled 1)" - Eggy EP [CC BY NC SA]

Borzoi - "Warheads" - Live at WFMU for Brian Turner's Show, 5/16/2017 [CC BY NC ND]

POVALISHIN DIVISION - "Вампир (демо)" - Mulatu Ostatki (Demos & Outtakes) [CC BY NC SA]

Abigail Levine - "Tahini Party" - Audio Cookbook [CC0 - Thanks to Scott K for sharing this with us!]

SULCUS - "Cement Dementia" - Stochastic Deployment vol1: Awakening of the Silicon Isotopes [CC BY NC SA]

Peripheral Living - "Polite Vandalism" - Experimental Lakes [CC BY NC]

CANADA EFFERVESCENT - "Happaboréal" - Ephedrina + Spettro = 6, Vol. 3 [CC BY NC ND]

Music behind DJ:

Podington Bear - "60's Quiz Show" - Bon Voyage [CC BY NC]