There is a watery theme running through this show with stories of riverboat romance, epic journeys, trawling, sailing, angling and privateering. Back on dry land there are circuses, lost loves, cursed singers, a hanged man and a battle royal between the devil and a she-monster! Who dares to say that folk music is boring? The music - The Greatest Show On Earth by Green Diesel - Gave You A Thought by Steel Threads - The Pinery Boy by The Emperors Of Wyoming - The Ballad Of The First Fleet by Between The Wars - The Trawling Trade by James Findlay - Harbour Voice by The Young'Uns - Adieu Adieu by The Village Quire - The Devil And The Ploughman by Kim Lowings and The Greenwood - 10,000 Miles Away by Bellowhead - Hold On To Me by Balthazer and The Beatitudes - The Thompson Family Singers And I by Jess Morgan - Story Behind The Song: Drake by Show Of Hands - Privateering by Mark Knopfler - More Than Boys by Luke Jackson.