New songs, old songs, pop songs as folk songs, songs about the weather and the Story Behind The Song. It's a rockin', riotous, rumbustious FolkCast show…!

The Chemical Worker's Song by The Demon Barbers
from their new, as yet unreleased, album

Soul Traders Drum by Day Of The Rabblement
from the album "Night Time Rallies"

Bolinder by Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer
from the album "Red House"

Paint It Black/Devil In The Kitchen by Whalebone
from the album "Runes"

Road To Nowhere by The Bad Shepherds
from the album "Mud, Blood & Beer"

Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) by Red Hot Chilli Pipers
from the album "Breathe"

The Wind It Will Blow by Doug MacNearney
from the album "Rambling Songs"

The Wind Blows Around Them All by Beau
from the album "Twelve Strings To The Beau"

After The Rain by Zeptepi
from the album "Coming Up For Air"

Erin Farewell by McDermott's 2 Hours
from the album "Anticlockwise"

Waiting For The River by Merry Hell
from the album "Head Full Of Magic, Shoes Full Of Rain"

Roundabouts by Barricades Rise
from the album "All I Have Is Here"

South American Skies by Skylark Song
to be released as a single on November 25th 2013

The Mermaid by James Bell
from the album "Joy & Jealousy"

Babba presents The Story Behind The Song

The life and times of Dr William Price - eccentric, nudist, enthusiastic lover, father to many, many children and the man who opened the door to the acceptance of cremation in Britain. The Song: Dr Price by Fabian Holland

Rollin' Home by Roving Crows
from the album "Deliberate Destractions"

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