In this show, as well as some of the latest releases from the folkosphere, we focus on heroes with a collection of new songs for the season of remembrance, and also with a very special Story Behind The Song, our exclusive feature which briefs you about an historical event which has been memorialised in song - and this month it's an event that didn't just inspire one song but an entire concept album!

FolkCast is produced and presented by Phil Widdows.


There's A Ghost In Our House by Merry Hell
from the EP "There's A Ghost In Our House"

Bonfires by The Men They Couldn't Hang
from the album "The Defiant"

Mad Tom Of Bedlam by Green Diesel
from the album "Wayfairers All"

Better Be Smart by Rainbow Chasers
from the album "Chimes At Midnight"

No One Naas Us Anymore by The Ree-Vahs!
from the EP "Geordieland"

Crew Of The Damned by Brillig
Single release

Amber Sky by Nigel Brown
from the album "Mother Ivey"

Dave's Brain by Terry Easton
from the album "Claremont 2:05 P.M."

Place Above The Clouds by Guy Calhoun
from the album "Somewhere You Can Go"

Elizabeth Spells Death by The Elizabethan Session
from the album "The Elizabethan Session

Where Have All The Flowers Gone? by The Armistice Pals
Single release

The Men Who Marched Away by Blast From The Past
from the album The Men Who Marched Away (Songs Of The Great War)

The Gamekeeper by Show Of Hands
from the album "Centenary: Words and Music of the Great War"

Babba presents "The Story Behind The Song": Soul Savers by The Cork Jacket Crew

The Green Gowned Lass / Danger Mouse / Dan Breen's by The Alt
from the album "The Alt"

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