FolkCast: the podcast that brings you the worlds of folk, folk-rock, singer-songwriter and roots music.

Featuring a Story Behind The Song that is astronomical, geographical and historical!

FolkCast is produced and presented by
'Folkie' Phil Widdows

Music featured:

When The Morning Comes
by Rusty Shackle
from the album "Dusk" (2016)

Time & Tide
by Kitty Macfarlane
from the EP "Time & Tide" (2016)

by 4Square
from the album "Fuel" (2016)

There's A Sound
by Chris Flegg
from the album "The Road To The Rainbow's End" (2016)

Better Days Right At The Door
by Out Of The Box
digital release (2015)

Clinch Mountain Backstep
by Will Pound & Eddy Jay
from the album "Ignite" (2016)

by Graffiti
from the album "Nautical Graffiti" (2016)

Rout Of The Blues
by Pilgrims' Way
from the album "Red Diesel" (2016)

Talons Trip To Thompson Island
by The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc
from the album "Deliverance" (2016)

For A Time
by Ninebarrow
from the album "Releasing The Leaves"

Babba presents…
Sailing To Philadelphia
by Mark Knopfler (with James Taylor)
from the album "Sailing To Philadelphia" (2000)

Being the amazing (and amazingly geeky) tale
behind the mapping of the Mason-Dixon Line.

Also featuring Dueling Banjos by Hayseed Dixie
from the album "A Hot Piece Of Grass" (2005)

Wildernesss Wood
by Jimmy Lee Morris
from the album "Wilderness Wood" (2016)

Brave New World
by Eamon Friel
from the album "In My Time"

by Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar
from the album "The Silent Majority" (2016)

Fate Of The Kelts / Out To Sea
by Hamish Napier
from the album "The River" (2016)

Princess Rosanna Drowned in the Clyde
by Findlay Napier
from the EP "VIP: Very Interesting Extras" (2016)
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Lord Randall
by Mary McPartlan
from the album "From Mountain To Mountain" (2016)

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