FolkCast 118 - May 2016 x 500

FolkCast: the podcast that brings you the worlds of folk, folk-rock, singer-songwriter and roots music.

Get down (Shep!) with a selection of the latest folkie sounds, plus an Eastern European excursion for some brilliant new releases.

FolkCast is produced and presented by Folkie Phil Widdows

Music featured:

Death And The Maiden
by Nuala Kennedy
from the album "Behave The Bravest" (2016)

Don't Look Back, Don't Look Down
by Rusty Shackle
from the album "Dusk" (2016)

All Hang Down
by Jon Boden
digital release (2016)

Down Down Down
by Genevieve And The Wild Sundays
from the album "Fine Line" (2016)

Matches In The Wind
by Steve Pledger
download single (2016)

There's No Postcard For This Town
by Adam Beattie
from the album "The Road Not Taken" (2016)

Sending Out Fires
by David Ian Roberts
from the EP "Sending Out Fires" (2016)

Bonnie Ship The Diamond
by Long Lankin
from the album "All Seven Stars" (2016)

by Our Little Nell
digital single (2016)

Lovely Molly
by Gillian Frame
from the album "Pendulum" (2016)

Babba presents...
The Story Behind The Song
"Tolpuddle Man" by Graham Moore
from the album "Tolpuddle Man" (1995)
also featuring:
Captain Swing by Brian Denny from "Voice & Vision" (2014)
Dorsetshire Hornpipe by Bob Cann from "West Country Melodeon" (1975)
...being the story of the Swing Riots and The Tolpuddle Martyrs, heroes of the trade union movement

The Owslebury Lads
by The Foxglove Trio
from the album "These Gathered Branches" (2015)

by Tuulikki Barosik
from the album "Storied Sounds" (2016)

Po Vijne Krushqit / Gankino Horo
by Paul Chamberlain & Michael Haywood
from the album "First Impression" (2016)

by St Nicholas Orchestra
from the album "Mode & Code" (2016)

Good Times Will Come Again
by Megson
from the album "Good Times Will Come Again" (2016)

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