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On this edition of FolkCast we’ve got a hold full of songs about the sea! There are songs about racing on the sea, fishing on the sea and coming home from the sea. We’ve mariners, pirates, whalers and lost sailers. We’ve got boats and tides and ships and sails. That’s right, FolkCasters … it’s a naughty nautical special!

FolkCast is produced and presented by Folkie Phil Widdows

Music featured:

Heroes Of The Sea
by Skippinish
from the album “The Seventh Wave” (2017)

Tanka 3 / Song Of A Seafarer
by Nick Burbridge and Tim Cotterell
from the album “Resolved” (2016)

The Corsair / The Black Ship
by Thursday’s Band
from the album “All We Have In Common” (2016)

The Pilot Gig

by Six Sick Sheep
from the EP “The Pilot Gig” (2017)

Row Boys Row
by The Changing Room
from the album “Behind The Lace” (2015)

Ye Mariners All
by Fairport Convention
from the album 50:50@50 (2017)

Home Boys Home
by The Ancient Bretons
from the album “The First 30 Years” (2012)

The Lost Sailor
by Chris Manassah
from the album “The Sun Destroys The Sky” (2017)

Captain Ward
by Kadia
from the EP “The Outlandish Collection” (2017)
(Listen to The Story Behind The Song of Captain Ward in FolkCast 062)

LaLaLa Presents: Åkervinda & The Ballina Whalers
June 13th 2017
The Old Church, Stoke Newington Church St, N16 9ES London
Music featured:
Jag Haver Ingen Kärare by Akervinda
Pull Down Below by The Ballina Whalers

Boats Cut A Water
by The Black Guards
from the EP “Drawn In” (2017)

Tidal Bomb
by Colin Onderdonk
from the album “Proximity Effect” (2017)

by Elephant Sessions
from the album “ All We Have Is Now” (2017)

All Rivers Flow To The Ocean
by Magic Hour
online release (2017)

Sailing Too Close To The Wind
by Merry Hell
from the album “Bloodlines” (2016)

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