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As Summer fades, enjoy the wonders of Autumn with the Crackler!


Summer Fades To Fall by Don Amero
from the album "Refined" (2015)

Hi The Cuckoo! by Paul Green
Digital Release (2014)

'Tis Autumn by Geraldo & His Orchestra
B-side to the 78rpm single release "Soft Shoe Shuffle" (1942)

Look At September, Look At October / Tommy Randell's by Spoil The Dance
from the album "Northern Common" (July 2015)
It's September - poem by Edgar Albert Guest

The Orchard by Talis Kimberley
from the album "Queen Of Spindles" (2012)

Hopping Down In Kent by The Albion Dance Band
from the album "Live In Concert" (1993)

Harvest Will Come by Ashley Hutchings (guitar and vocals by Ken Nicol)
from the album "Human Nature" (2003)

The Old Bearded Man written and read by Dahm The Bard
(recorded exclusively for FolkCast - August 2015)

John Barleycorn by Oysterband with Steve Knightley and June Tabor
from the album "The Big Session Volume 1" (2004)

Gather My Fruit by Little Miss Higgins
from the album "Across The Plains" (2010)

Apple Picking Season by The Riverside
from the album "Apple Picking Season" (2013)

Now Westlin Winds by Dick Gaughan
from the album "Handful Of Earth" (1981)

Autumn Seed by Gill Sandell & Chris T-T
from the album "Walk Away, Walk Away" (March 2015)

Embers by March To May
from the album "The Water's Edge" (April 2015)

October Sun by Tudor Lodge
from the album "Runaway" (2003)

Weathercock by Phil Beer
from the album "Plays Guitar And Fiddle. Sings A Bit" (2014)

"As the nights draw in…" by David Drever, Convenor, General Teaching Council for Scotland
Fair Drawin' In by Clype (featuring Jenny Sturgeon)
from the album "Clype" (July 2015)

Halloween Is Black As Night by Jackson C. Frank
from the album "Fixin' To Die" (2014)

Jack O Lantern by Gilmore & Roberts
from the album "Conflict Tourism" (released: September 18 2015)

Rose Hip November by Beautiful Junkyards
from the album Beautiful Junkyards (2013)

Guy Fawkes Night by Luke Daniels & John Dipper
from the album Sleeping Giants (2012)
Bonfire Night - read by Ron Hynes
from the album "Hard Light - 32 Little Stories By Michael Crummey" (2003)

Welcome In Another Year (Bonfires) by Blanche Rowan & Mike Gulston
from the album "The Dance Goes On" (2013)

Milk And Honey by Sandy Denny
from the album "Sandy Denny (Complete Edition)" (2010)

Three Bonny Ships by Na-Mara
from the album "Navajos & Pirates" (May 2015)

FolkCast is produced and presented by Folkie Phil Widdows

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