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Music, poetry and fun for a very merry Christmas and a blessed Yule!

The Christmas Goose
by Kate Rusby
From the album "The Frost Is All Over" (2015)

"Johnny's Christmas Guitar"
with Johnny Cash
from The Johnny Cash & Family Christmas TV Show (1977)

Sleigh Ride
by Sam Bush
from the album "Christmas Roots" (2013)

Standing By My Christmas Tree
by Cara Dillon
from the album "Upon A Winter's Night" (2016)

The Winter Song
by Skinner And T'Witch
single release (2016)

Infinite Space
by Eddie & Luc
from the album "Tirade" (2016)
"A Christmas Poem"
written and read by Jim Thielen

Christmas Pudding
by Greg Trafidlo
from the album "Folk Singular" (2005)

"Have you ever seen a million dollars?"
Judge Reinhold and Eric Lloyd
from "The Santa Clause" (1994)

The Secret Tree Of Gotham
by Hicks & Goulbourn
from the album "Immortal" (2016)

Pass The Bottle (A Christmas Song)
by Jethro Tull
single release (2016)

"Santa's Little Helper"
Julie Andrews and Peter Ustinov
from "Julie's Christmas TV Special" (1973)

The Oak King Rises (Live)
by Wood, Wire & Words
FolkCast exclusive (2016)

by John Betjeman, read by Robert Donat
Carol Medley
by Ken Nicol
from the album "Tidings" (1991)

Rejoice (O Come Emmanuel)
by Eddy Mann
single release (2016)

"It's Christmas Eve…"
Bill Murray
from "Scrooged" (1988)

There's Magic In Christmas Eve
by The Changing Room
from the EP "The Magic Of Christmas" (2016)

The World Falls In Love
by The Houghton Weavers
from the album "Christmas In Lancashire" (2016)

by Dollie Radford
Reading courtesy of Classic Poetry Aloud
The Holly And The Ivy
by Andrews Massey Duo
from the album "Make Merry" (2013)

The Magic Christmas Tree
by Pilgrim's Way
from the EP "Shining Gently All Around" (2011)

A Winter's Tale
by The Magnets
from the album "Christmas - The Collection" (2011)

"A Christmas Surprise…"
with The Muppets
from "Muppet Family Christmas TV Special" (1987)

#1 Record For Christmas
by Neil Diamond
from the album "Acoustic Christmas" (2016)

The Snowman's Song
by Simon Mayor & Hilary James
from the Musical Mystery Tour albums (2016)

"Snow for Christmas…"
Gracie Burns and Peter Brocco
from "Burns and Allen: Company for Christmas" (1955)

Come Mad Boys
by Telynor
from the album "Off The Beaten Track" (1992)

The Quantock Carol
by Ange Hardy
from the EP "The Quantock Carol & Mary's Robin" (2016)

By The Fireside
by Ellen And The Escapades
single release (2012)

"None of us are as young as we look these days…"
Bing Crosby and David Bowie
from "Bing Crosby's Merrie Olde Christmas" (1977)

Christmas Day
by Johnnyswim
from the album "A Johnnyswim Christmas" (2014)

Julie Andrews
from "The Sound Of Christmas TV Special" (1987)

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen / The Official Brawle
by Joshua Burnell
single release (2016)

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