Number 17 labelled as Alt Rock but it's lovely mixed bag of types. Spread the love and support your locals bands.

1:23 - Zaida by Pablo and The Appleheads
Pablo and The Appleheads
5:27 – Tick Tock by Tom North
Tom North
8:18 – The Love He Kept by Tercelvoice
12:42 – Bangers and Mash by The Explorers Collective
The Explorer's Collective @Facebook
15:59 – Wanted Man by Bongley Dead
Bongley Dead @YouTube
19:45 – Apneic Delight by Nabucco Dinosaur
Nabucco Dinosaur @Bandcamp
26:18 – Time by Paste
Paste @Facebook
31:50 – Among The Wires by Vermicious Kind
Vermicious Kind @Bandcamp
35:58 – All That Was Ours by Speech Machine
Speech Machine
40:36 – I Love You But I Love Me More by Mikayla
Mikayla @Reverb Nation