Number 18 and it's a Hard Rock / Metal November for us all.
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1:18 – In For The Kill by Project Revival
Project Revival @ Bandcamp
4:54 – Unsanctify Me by Hitherside
Hitherside @ Bandcamp
9:23 – The Darkness by SwitchBait
SwitchBait Official
14:18 – Kick You When You’re Down by Scarred By Name
Scarred By Name @ Facebook
19:46 – Fly by Exit Empire
Exit Empire Official
23:27 – Hells Gates by Dipped In Whiskey
Dipped In Whiskey @ Reverb Nation
27:25 – Detached by Timewaves
Timewaves Official
31:45 – Disconnect by Belesduna
Belesduna @ Reverb Nation
36:12 – Butcher by Devil Made Me Do It
Devil Made Me Do It @ Facebook
40:00 – Ojos De Fuego by Sonora
Sonora @ Facebook
45:46 – Unbreakable by Necrometer