Like two little ducks in a row here's number 22
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00:55 - What Can I Do by Cyanide Sundae
Cyanide Sundae Official
05:11 – Anger by Sam’s Dice Band
Sam's Dice Band @Facebook
08:36 – Nightfall by Punk Junk Joe
Punk Junk Joe @Soundcloud
13:16 – Gun Control by Strange Breed
Strange Breed @Bandcamp
17:29 – Love is Blind by Hearts Hunters
Hearts Hunters @Facebook
21:21 – Moneyshot by Hotstuff and the Eye Candy
Hotstuff and the Eyecandy @Facebook
24:39 – Mirror by VALA
VALA Official
29:32 – Head Over Heels by SIMA
SIMA Official