It's Metal May and it's a big thanks to all the bands / third parties for donating their hard work. Follow, Like and Spread the Love.

01:21 - Lights Of Seattle by System Slave
System Slave Official
05:06 - The 25th Parallel by Snipers of Babel
Snipers of Babel @ Reverb Nation
10:01 - Fragile Minds by Silent Theory
Silent Theory Official
15:41 - Rise Up by The Dead Daisies
The Dead Daisies Official
19:48 - Suffocate by NeverWake
NeverWake Official
24:48 - Wych Elm by Limb
Limb @ Bandcamp
28:28 - Say It! by The Maension
The Maension Official
33:57 - Predator by Abstract Manner
Abstract Manner - Helpful Links from Pete