Big love, big hugs and overly familiar lingering touches on the thigh for all the bands and artists here. Find them, like them...

00:59 - I Am by Cooza Black And Sin City
Cooza Black and Sin City Official
05:49 - Sugar by The Adarna
The Adarna Official
10:12 - Learn by Raze
Raze Official
14:28 - Never Bring Me Down by Reliance Code
Reliance Code Official
18:21 - Pepper by Fallen Renegade
Fallen Renegade (Livin' Rock) @ Soundcloud
22:56 – The Last Song by Steam Jet
Steam Jet @ Bandcamp
27:33 - Vaccine by Collegians
Collegians Official
32:14 - One Shot by Spiral Crush
Spiral Crush Official
35:53 - Ecstacy by Normandie
Normandie Official
40:48 - Wings Of My Soul by Poetry Thieves
Poetry Thieves @Facebook