Big thanks to all the artists (many through Hold Tight PR) for giving up their hard work to the 'gig in my mind'. Find them, hold them tight and never let them go.

01:28 - Wounds by Cope

Cope @ Bandcamp

04:51 - Empty Lungs by New Graves

New Graves Official

08:38 - All or Nothing by Sylar

Sylar Official

12:40 - Castles by Loose Tooth

Loose Tooth @ HoldTightPR

17: 14 - Miss Valentine by Exploding Pets

Exploding Pets Official

22:03 - How Fleeting by Time, The Valuator

Time, The Valuator @Facebook

26:14 - Riding Off The Rails by Dewey Roberts

Dewey Roberts Official

31:17 - Numb by Years For Months

Years For Months @Soundcloud