A huge thank you to all the bands for their hard work. I know where they all live and will be dropping round with some inappropriate and frankly ungentlemanly gifts in the near future (so you don't have to).
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01:11 - Triceratops by Phoxjaw


05:28 - Juno by TesseracT

TesseracT Official

11:11 - Ghost In The Machine by The Long Highway

The Long Highway@Facebook

15:16 - New Doom by Vodun


21:07 – Flat Feet by Hot Soles

Hot Soles@Instagram

24:44 - Pull Me Under by The Smoking Giants

The Smoking Giants@Soundcloud

28:47 - Hostess by Atlas: Empire

Atlas: Empire@Bandcamp

35:13 - Ink by Chapter and Verse

Chapter and Verse@Facebook

39:23 - Arrival by Orpo Piru

Orpu Piru@Instagram

44:42 - Gotta Do by EOS Tribe

EOS Tribe@Instagram