Hello America, and welcome back to The 2GS Show: Glitches Get Stitches Podcast Episode #9.5 “Not 10”!

This week Bill joins us for our in depth analysis of the new World of Warcraft Xpac that drops this week!! We talk about some new movie trailers that excite us and Jeff is vulgar to me, because the Jager has taken over!!

It’s an easy one folks, so sit back, start touching and let’s do it!!

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Are you a nerd? Do you love video games? Does the sound of 2 overweight, middle-aged man voices really get you going? Then you’ll go ape shit for The 2GS Show: Glitches Get Stitches Podcast.

We’ll hit on all the top gaming news and lore as well as dive so far deep into nerdom, you’ll be pulling your underwear out of your ass for days!!

Join Jon Jon and Jeff weekly for all your laughs and gaming news we’ll see you on the other side!!

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