DROPS Tipsy shoes 3:02

The Coolies 04-Blueberry Crumble 2:46

Genya Ravan Enough Is Enough 3:35

Hayley & the Crushers I Don’t Wanna Be Like Johnny Ramone 2:41

The Out-Islanders Ebb Tide 2:15

The Sorels School Girl Blues 3:30

Brad Marino Broken Record Baby 2:26

BimBamBoom Bright Up 3:10

Guitar Wolf Kawasaki ZII750 Rock’n’Roll 2:02

Alvino Rey & His Orchestra Blues In The Night 3:05

Dollyrots Naked Daydream 3:17

Bad Mary Creeper 2:52

The Cynz Judge & Witness 2:37

The Pats Pats Rock N Roll Diet 3:54

Kristin Hersh Gin 2:47

Thunderroads A05 Coup date Virus 3:06


Baby Shakes Nowhere Fast 2:00

Parsnip 01 Health 2:32

The Jansen Say, Say, Say 2:27

The Fadeaways StuckUp-Girl 2:07

THE LET’S GO’s 革のブーツ 1:38

Kate Clover 02 Love You To Death 2:42

JETT SETT Salvation 4:04

Les Brown with Doris Day Sentimental Journey 3:18

Sex Pistols Holidays in the Sun (Remastered Version) 3:22

MUM Luka 2:10

Faux Mon Cher 1:40

The Gold Needles I’m Gonna Try 2:34

Lady Flash Across My Eyes [Across My Eyes] 1:58

The Routes Driving Round in Circles 2:50


Drool Brothers She’s Got the Beat 3:10

Batteries Not Included Shallow 4:14

THE LET’S GO’s Can’t sit still Anymore 1:54

Local Drags Plot Holes 2:18

Alien Fight Club Hard Times 2:20

TV Crime Man In The Pub 2:51

The Livermores Who Killed F.P. 1:55

Tidal Babes Bam 3:16

Kyle Falconer Love The Way You Lie 4:26

Ummagma Caravan 3:34

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