Shonen Knife Dizzy 3:45

Kung-Fu Girl All Summer Long 2:41

Paul Den Heyer Technicolor Summer Sunshine 3:45

Alvino Rey & His Orchestra Blues In The Night 3:05

Syteria Sheeple 2:50

Kung-Fu Girl Anorak 2:42

Shonen Knife Wave Rock 3:04

Kristin Hersh LAX 3:50

Shonen Knife Sweet Candy Power 2:53

Kung-Fu Girl That Thing You Do! (of The Wonders) 1:54

The Out-Islanders Ebb Tide (Instrumental) (1996 Digital Remaster) 2:15

Bad Mary 06 – Japan 2:45

Syteria New World Order 2:39

Kung-Fu Girl Stuffed Rabbit 3:55

Shonen Knife Peppermint Attack 3:44

The Babes Ride It 3:26

The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show They Say I Don’t Write Love Songs – Master 3:24

Kung-Fu Girl Send Me A Gardenia 3:01

Shonen Knife Party 2:00

Kung-Fu Girl In Her Mind 2:41

Connie Francis Where the Boys Are 2:41

T Rex 20th Century Boy 3:39

Nervous Eaters Girl Next Door 3:03

Tommy and the Commies Hurtin’ Boys 2:27

Kung-Fu Girl Ice Cream Sliding 2:58

Shonen Knife Never-Never Land 4:16

Kung-Fu Girl Ride A Wave 2:58

Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited *Robot A Go Go 1:59

Syteria Stupid Girl 2:18

Kung-Fu Girl Ferris Wheel 3:40

Shonen Knife Match 3 2:05

Kung-Fu Girl Between You And Me 3:38

Shonen Knife Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches 2:33

Syteria When I Get Out Of High School 2:56

Shonen Knife California Lemon Tree 3:49

Kung-Fu Girl Inner Ear 3:15

Shonen Knife My Independent Country 3:45

Kung-Fu Girl Maybe Tomorrow 2:49

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