Alice Lynskey Souls 3:12

The Stephanies BIRTHDAY 4:14

Tomboys やんなっちゃうわよ 2:46

Not Ur Girlfrenz 01 Warped 3:34

The Out-Islanders Ebb Tide 2:15

The 50 Kaitenz サンダーボーイ 3:00

Lady Flash Koi-suru Bill Murray 2:33

Desensitised Emily 2:40

Born Readies Mean Genes 2:59

Alvino Rey & His Orchestra Blues In The Night 3:05

Sister Paul Make It Stop! 3:58

TH’ LOSIN STREAKS Order of the Day 3:10

THE LET’S GO’s 革のブーツ 1:38

The Fadeaways Steppin-Outta 2:22

Gyasi 07_Bring Your Love 2:32

Anderson Council How Much How Long 4:09

Bad Mary 01 – Motor Mouth 2:14

The Sorels She’s in the Gang 2:36

No Spoiler 04 DJ SET 2:47

Kate Clover 07 Heaven Down Here 3:36

Anton Barbeau Berliner Grotesk 3:05

Louis Armstrong What A Wonderful World 2:18

The Ramones Do You Remember Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio? 3:52

Darky Dark and the Junkie Bunch The New American Love Song 2:43

Johnathan Pushkar The Girl Next Door 2:54

Nick Eng Too Good For Anyone 3:05

K Michelle DuBois Waves Break 3:38

Genya Ravan Pump It Up 3:12

Tommy and the Commies Suckin’ In Your 20’s 1:42

Bad Mary When You Think of Me 1:56

Juliana Strangelove Bourbon Street Bar 2:42

Shonen Knife Dizzy 3:45

Freeloader Chick a Boom Boom 3:56

RUSTY BOILERS Rusty Boilers 3:59

Dollyrots I Know How to Party 2:51

Justine and the Unclean Passive Aggressive Baby 2:23

THE NEATBEATS The Garage 2:18

Guitar Wolf Jet Generation 3:22

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