HAPPY NEW YEAR! In this special year-end commentary episode, you get to listen to us watch the two-part 90s X-Men crossover for the first time in years — DECADES, even — right here! Will Spidey get along with the Uncanny X-Men? Why do the gays love Rogue? Is Wolverine hairy enough? Is Beast literally just the total best? Watch the Spider-Man: The Animated Series episodes “The Mutant Agenda” and “Mutants’ Revenge” along with us, and hear our real-time reactions!

Plus, we have BIG announcements about our show in 2020. You don’t want to miss this!

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Walloping Websnappers! is a bi-weekly podcast in which Spidey-Fans Doug and Derek dive into every Spider-Man cartoon ever made! From the swingin’ 60s through the rockin’ 90s to Spectacular, Ultimate, and beyond, we’ll explore everything weird and wonderful about our favorite Webhead, alongside occasional detours into the games, movies, and (of course) comics that shape our favorite webslinger’s multimedia landscape. Is your spider-sense tingling?

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