Wretched Fools – Rat Race
Tragedy – Enter The Void
Gorbza – Hog Slosh
Enfants Sauvages – Creve
Tragedy – Fury
Tragedy – Swallow The Pill
Charmpit – Squirrel vision
RMFC – Hive
The Innocent – Blah Blah Girl
Dirty Cheetah – Losing My Mind
Grown Downz – Mung Bean
Sabertooth Rockers – Wrong Side of the Tracks
Frances – Spit On My Grave
Cock & The Suckers – Baby Baby Baby I Wanna Fuck With You
Sick Thoughts – Chainsaw
BSI – Ekki a Leio
Enamorados – En Mi Corazon
Zombie Met Girl – I Don’t Wanna Live Like That
The Lasters – Ready, Set, No
Sore Points – Speed Annihilation
Addled – Output
Bloodletter – Witness
The Innocent – What You Gonna Do
RMFC – Television
Charmpit – It’s Always Summer In My Skirt
The Tearaways – What a Jerk

I’ve always loved music. I’ve been a DJ since 2000 on a station out of Toledo. Left the station to go to college in Bowling Green, Ohio. I got involved at the radio station at BGSU. While in Toledo I did a hardcore and punk radio which I continued to do while at Bowling Green. After a couple years a switched to indie rock then focused more on my true passion punk rock. After completing college I moved back to Toledo and did radio again there but got tired of censoring my show so I changed to podcast. I have a strong passion for late 70s punk, glam rock and rebellious rock n roll such as MC5. Aside from playing the classics, I’m always on the hunt for the newest garage, punk and rock bands. If you’re looking for new sounds checkout my show Wassup Rocker Radio. facebook.com/wassuprockerradio wassuprockerradio.com

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