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30 Minutes Hosted & Mixed by Matt Masters
Artist - Title (Mix) [Label]
Shur-i-kan - Cats On Crack [Dark Energy]
6th Borough Project – The Vibes [Delusions Of Grandeur]

Frederico Y Alvaro - Perception Two [Loudeast]
Detroit Swindle Creep [Freerange]

Dale Howard - Sub Text (Matt Masters Remix) [Something Different] 
Chymera - Trapped In Amber (King Britt Remix) [Connaisseur]

30 Minutes Mixed by Detroit Swindle
Artist - Title (Mix) [Label]
Mario Basanov - Closer (Downtown Party Network remix) [Best Kept Secret]
Homework - Spinning top (Detroit Swindle spinning topless remix) [Exploited Records]
Detroit Swindle - Brotherman (KRL remix) [Freerange Records]
Giovanni Damico - Oh right forthcoming [Morris Audio]
Jackmate - Sixteen minute testimony repress [Phil E]
Kindimmer - Deep, stripped down & dirty forthcoming [Local Talk]
Detroit Swindle - John Doe [Dirt Crew Recordings]