Podcast #62 features the new CD by THE TEXAS SAPPHIRES called As He Wanders....  Other artists include THE STEEL WHEELS, JIM KELLER and from Australia... SLIM PICKENS & DOCTOR BAZ.  The full playlist is posted below.   Check the artist's websites and order their CD's or downloads and tell 'em you heard the songs on the FTB podcast.  Please  email me with any questions, comments or suggestions for the podcasts.


Show #62

THE TEXAS SAPPHIRES - How Did I Get So Sloppy Drunk (When I Was Drinkin' Neat) As He Wanders... AXTON KINCAID - We Should Be Drinking Silver Dollars SLIM PICKENS & DOCTOR BAZ - Blues and Roots Music Next Time JOY KILLS SORROW - New Shoes Darkness Sure Becomes This City (mic break) JIM KELLER - Sunshine In My Pocket Sunshine In My Pocket ELLSWORTH - Up Above The World Bright Red Road TREVOR ALGUIRE - Letting You In Thirty Year Run THE TEXAS SAPPHIRES - 190 As He Wanders... (mic break) THE STEEL WHEELS - Nothing You Can't Lose Red Wing ROOSEVELT DIME - Crooked Roots Crooked Roots LOUISE MOSRIE - Don't Come Looking For Me Home TEXAS TORNADOS - Who's to Blame, Senorita? ¡Está Bueno! (mic break) THE TEXAS SAPPHIRES - Baltimore Cage As He Wanders...

Bill Frater Freight Train Boogie