FTB podcast #211 features The Moorings by New Orleans singer/songwriter ANDREW DUHON.   Also new music from FREE RANGE FOLK, SAMANTHA CRAIN and HE’S MY BROTHER SHE’S MY SISTER.  Here's the iTunes link to subscribe to the FTB podcasts.  Here's the direct link to listen now!

Please note! The first uploaded version of the podcast was missing a track at 26:50! That has bee fixed since 5/20/13 (noon PDT) please redownload and the missing song should be there... sorry!

Show #211

ANDREW DUHON - The Moorings  (The Moorings)

GOODNIGHT MOONSHINE - Work I Done (Goodnight Moonshine)

KEVIN DEAL -  I Need Revival  (There Goes The Neighborhood)

DEADSTRING BROTHERS - Like a California Wildfire  (Cannery Row)

(mic break)

SAMANTHA CRAIN - Never Going Back   (Kid Face)

FREE RANGE FOLK - Anyway  (444)

JIM LAUDERDALE - Wild and Free  (Carolina Moonrise)

SHAWN NELSON & THE GOOD BUDS - Yea Ya Right (Enough)

ANDREW DUHON - Just Another Beautiful Girl  (The Moorings)

(mic break)

AMY BLACK - Stay (Live At Johnny D’s)

LIAM FITZGERALD & THE RAINIEROS - Long Gone Goodbye  (Last Call!)

MIKE AIKEN - Virginia  (Captains & Cowboys)

CHICAGO FARMER - 200 Miles Away  (Backenforth, Il)

HE’S MY BROTHER SHE’S MY SISTER - The Same Old Ground  (Nobody Dances in This Town)

(mic break)

ANDREW DUHON - Gonna Take a Little Rain  (The Moorings)

(May 17th, 2013)

Bill Frater

Freight Train Boogie