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1. (Sig) English Country Blues Band : The Italian Job from the CD Unruly (Weekend Beatnik)

  1. Spirit Talk Mbira feat. Chartwell Dutiro : Zunde from the CD Dendere Ngoma (own label)
  2. Salma : Yanas Baridouh from the CD Egypt Noir (Piranha)
  3. The Abramson Singers : Trucker's Prayer from the CD The Abramson Singers (White Whale)
  4. The Wraiths : Welcome, Stranger, To This Place from the CD Welcome, Stranger, To This Place (Idyllic)
  5. Ballaké Sissoko & Vincent Segal : Chamber Music from the CD Chamber Music (No Format)
  6. Toumani Diabate & Symmetric Orchestra : Kaira from the CD Shake The Whole World (Ki/Oon)
  7. The Demon Barbers : Rise Up from the CD Captain Ward (DBS)
  8. Michael McGoldrick : Mackerel And Tatties from the CD Aurora (Vertical)
  9. UNITE : Van Dieman's Land from the CD A Gathering Of Strangers (Mule Satellite)
  10. Etoile De Dakar : Dounya from the CD Once Upon A Time In Dakar (Stern's)
  11. Abelardo Carbona Y Su Conjunto : Palenque from the CD Palenque Palenque (Soundway)
  12. Emily Portman : Stick Stock from the CD The Glamoury (Furrow)
  13. Serafina Steer : Shut Up Shop from the CD Change Is Good Change Is Good (Static Caravan)
  14. Omar Souleyman : Kell Il Banat Inkhatban from the CD Jazeera Nights (Sublime Frequencies)
  15. Konono No.1 : Makembe from the CD Assume Crash Position (Crammed)
  16. Andy Cutting : Uphill Way from the CD Andy Cutting (Lane)
  17. Freddy De Majunga & Master Mwana Congo : Viens Danser from the LP Les 2 As (ANC)
  18. Sweet Talks : Akampanye from the CD The Kussum Beat (Soundway)
  19. Hindi Zahra : Imik Si Mik from the CD Handmade (Blue Note)
  20. Martha Mavroidi : Ballada from the CD O Kipos Tis Rila (We Saw)
  21. Spider John Koerner : Stewball from the CD Stargeezer (Red House)
  22. Rory McLeod : My Better Half from the CD Swings And Roundabouts (Talkative Music)
  23. Escoriza : Tangos Cumbia from the CD Mirando P'l Este (Fromdaguetto)
  24. Manuel Alvares Y Sus Dangers : Esclavo Moderno from the CD Palenque Palenque (Soundway)
  25. Muharrem Ertas : Deniz Dalgasiz Olmaz from the CD Basimda Altin Tacim (Kalan)
  26. Paban Das Baul : Gopon Prem (Secret Love) from the CD Music Of The Honey Gatherers (Riverboat)
  27. Cath & Phil Tyler : Our Captain Cried from the CD The Hind Wheels Of Bad Luck (No-Fi)
  28. Katie Rose : In The Pines from the CD fol-de-rose (The Rose Window)
  29. Eliza Carthy & Norma Waterson : Bunch Of Thyme from the CD Gift (Topic)
  30. Cheikh Lô : Il N'Est Jamais Trop Tard from the CD Jamm (World Circuit)
  31. Orchestre National De Barbes : Jarahtini-Marbha-Jibouhali from the CD Rendez Vous Barbès (Le Chant Du Monde)
  32. Hosam Hayek : Dance Of The Bird from the CD Stranger In My Homeland (Doublemoon)

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