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1. (Intro) Dave Evans : a snippet of Insanity Rag from the LP The Words In Between (VTS6) 1971

  1. Pigsty Hill Light Orchestra : T'Ain't No Sin from the LP PHLOP! (VTS1) 1970
  2. The Sun Also Rises : Flowers from the LP The Sun Also Rises (VTS2) 1970
  3. Ian A Anderson : Hero from the LP Royal York Crescent (VTS3) 1970
  4. Wizz Jones : If Only I'd Known from the LP The Legendary Me (VTS4) 1970
  5. Steve Tilston : Simplicity from the LP An Acoustic Confusion (VTS5) 1971
  6. Dave Evans : City Road from the LP The Words In Between (VTS6) 1971
  7. Fred Wedlock : Spencer The Rover from the LP The Folker (VTS7) 1971
  8. Pigsty Hill Light Orchestra : Sweet Miss Emmaline (live) from the LP Piggery Jokery (VTS8) 1971
  9. Strange Fruit : Shake That Thing from the 45 single, VTSX1001-A 1971
  10. Ian A Anderson : Time Is Ripe from the LP A Vulture Is Not A Bird You Can Trust (VTS9) 1971
  11. Dave Mudge : Memory Book (demo – VTS10 never released)
  12. Hunt & Turner : We Say We're Sorry from the LP Magic Landscape (VTS11) 1972
  13. Tight Like That : West End Rag from the LP Hokum (VTS12) 1972
  14. Tucker Zimmerman : Left Hand Of Moses from the LP Tucker Zimmerman (VTS13) 1972
  15. Dave Evans : Only Blue from the LP Elephantasia (VTS14) 1972
  16. The Sun Also Rises : Fafnir And The Knights from the Various Artists LP Us (VTSAM15) 1972
  17. Dave Kelly : A Few Short Lines from the Various Artists LP Matchbox Days (VTSAM16) 1972
  18. Derroll Adams : The Valley from the LP Feelin' Fine (VTS17) 1972
  19. Ian A Anderson : Marie Celeste On Down from the LP Singer Sleeps On As Blaze Rages (VTS18) 1972
  20. Al Jones : High And Dry from the LP Jonesville (VTS19) 1972
  21. Fred Wedlock : Talking Folk Club Blues (live) from the LP Frollicks (VTS20) 1972
  22. Chris Thompson : Her Hair Was Long from the LP Chris Thompson (VTS21) 1973
  23. Dave Peabody : Long Time Loser Blues from the LP Peabody Hotel (VTS22) 1973
  24. Lackey & Sweeney : Sparrow from the LP Junk Store Songs For Sale (VTS23) 1973
  25. Wizz Jones : The First Girl I Loved from the LP When I Leave Berlin (VTS24) 1974
  26. Noel Murphy : The Old Man's Tale from the LP Murf (VTS25) 1974

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