This week on Fuhmentaboudit!, hosts Chris Cuzme and Mary Izett kick off the show with some beertastic events, Kickstarter projects, and a reminder that tomorrow is National Beer Day! Guest Cheryl Paswater joins the show talking about how she became interested in fermentation via a personal health scare in her early 30’s and how she started down the road to eventually founding Contraband Ferments. Contraband Ferments is her small start-up fermentation company in Brooklyn, New York with the goal to provide gut healthy fermented foods and education to the public. Telling Chris and Mary about Contraband’s featured CSA program, she also goes on to talk about her recipe for dosas and idlis, traditional South Indian breads that happen to be fermented. Thinking of fermenting at home? Tune in for this informative episode! This program was brought to you by Union Beer Distributors.

“As a fermenter, in general, I’m not super OCD about things. I just kinda go for it and I don’t worry about every last detail.” [31:20]

“A fermented breakfast taco: it’s my dream come true! So good!” [32:50]

“I love fermentation: it’s so accessible.” [33:40]

Cheryl Paswater on Fuhmentaboudit!