Chris Cuzme and Mary Izett are back from the National Homebrewers Conference, and they’re talking mead and coolships on this week’s episode of Fuhmentaboudit! Greg Heller-LaBelle and Michael Manning call in to talk about their cocktail-inspired meads and their startup meadery, The Colony Meadery. Find out about The Colony Meadery’s flagship meads, and how you can contribute to their cause! Brian Hall stops by to talk about his coolship and wild yeast fermentation. Find out how Brian barrel-ages at home, and how some of his beers age in carboys for years! Tune into this episode to hear how Brian deals with evaporation in barrels, and how he plants yeast in his barrels. Thanks to our sponsor, Hearst Ranch.

“When you’re done with the normal steps of brewing beer, you transfer your wort into a coolship… it cools down for twelve to fourteen hours, and wild yeast enters the wort… instead of choosing your yeast, you get whatever is in the air.” [12:45]

Brian Hall on Fuhmentaboudit!