Chris Cuzme and Mary Izett are taking this week’s episode of Fuhmentaboudit! to play some recorded interviews from recent beer and homebrewing conferences! Tune into this episode to hear Chris and Mary talk with Randy Mosher, author and homebrewing expert. Tune in to hear Randy talk about brewing ingredients, and why brewers should learn about the flavor components of every beer ingredient. Randy believes that every brewer should brew with intent; learn the flavor profiles of many malt and hop varieties! Later, hear from Richard Horton of FlavorActiV! Find out how you can use FlavorActiV’s kits to identify off-flavors in your homebrew! What strange ingredients does Steve Frazier of The Brewer’s Art use in his beers? Finally, Mary catches up with “Sour Jim” Crooks to talk about some of his beers with Barrelworks. Find out what yeast strains Jim works with to make his signature sours! This program has been sponsored by Cain Vineyard & Winery.

“When you look at all the types of malt, and you look at them in a continuum, you’ll see that there’s no malt between about 100 and 200-250. That malt is so ashy and cigarette-like, that it’s unusable!” [5:40]

Randy Mosher on Fuhmentaboudit!