Chris Banker makes cider, beer, and cheese at home! This week on Fuhmentaboudit!, Mary Izett and Chris Cuzme call up Chris in San Diego to talk about his different fermentation processes. Hear how Chris uses simple ingredients like apple juice and cherries to make delicious, unique dry ciders! Find out why Chris’s recipes are great for beginning homebrewers. Why did Chris think that cheesemaking was a natural progression after brewing at home for years. Learn why Chris felt the need to start a cheesemaking club called Queso Diego once he delved into the world of hard cheeses. Chris teaches Mary and Cuzme to make mozzarella and ricotta at home with a few simple steps! This program has been brought to you by Consider Bardwell.

“My process is very conducive to fruit and specialty ciders… It’s nice to experiment, add fruit, or maybe try some aging characteristics.” [11:00]

Chris Banker on Fuhmentaboudit!