Welcome to another frothy, bubbly episode of Fuhmentaboudit! This week, Mary Izett and Chris Cuzme are joined in the studio by Tim Stendahl, Union Beer Manager and homebrewer extraordinaire. Today, Mary, Chris, and Tim talk about clone brewing. Tune in to hear how brewers attempt to replicate beers from their some of their favorite craft breweries. Hear about the awesome clone brew program at Bitter & Esters, and how they are able to obtain commercial beer recipes and compare their clone brews to the originals. What variables determine the consistency in clone brews? This episode has been sponsored by Hearst Ranch.

“Even though we don’t brew the exact same beers, it’s a testament to the brewers and how they can be so consistent on such a large scale.” [14:40]

Tim Stendahl on Fuhmentaboudit!