Ever think of making your own sake? Tune into tonights episode of Fuhmentaboudit and learn how you can pull it off! Find out how to make your own sake and hear about some of the science behind the fermentation process as Chris and Mary are joined by guest Eddie Hoskin. Eddie is an engineer and avid homebrewing hobbyist who began brewing with the Ann Arbor Brewers Guild in 2007, where he earned something of a reputation for bringing “unusual” beverages for sampling at club meetings. He has tested for and received the rank of Recognized under the BJCP organization, and has taken a leadership role in his new local homebrew club in Southwest Michigan. This program was brought to you by GreatBrewers.com.

“Sake is not a wine – it’s actually much closer to a beer.” [07:00]

“I can generally have sake ready in 3 months, thought it generally benefits from additional aging.” [15:00]

“American sake produces are starting to infuse other flavors in their sake such as peaches.” [27:00]

–Eddie Hoskin on Fuhmentaboudit