Erin joins us to talk about the lost art of letter writing, she is reading Dear Friend and Gardener, a collection of letters between two friends. We ponder whether we have friends to write to, and then what are their mailing addresses? We touch on Mail Art, which Eric has created over the years. Love the photocopier.

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Is summer over? Erin thinks this winter will be mild because of the El Nino patterns. Despite being on the coast of Lake Michigan, she hopes less snow. We'll see. Erin is getting a new iPhone, and this starts a conversation on waiting in line for new phones, and then waiting in line at a restaurant.

Which brings us to diners. Eric has a fondness for the Waffle House, their super friendly staff and the neat system they have for tagging which dishes get what food as it is prepared. GardenFork loves diners. agreed. Eric has the Collins Diner near him in Canaan, CT . Do you have a favorite diner? Let us know in the comments below.

When is frost coming near you? Eric needs to maintain his weather station provided by Allison House. If you want to extend your season, you can build one of our hoop houses. We geek out for a minute as Eric has been tweaking the website to load faster. Eric has mirrored all the images for the site onto Amazon's Cloud service. We then go off on a tangent about computer security. We talk about our video on natural weed control, we filmed this at our neighbor's house, they have a really nice garden. Erin uses comfrey as a mulch around tomatoes, and makes a tea out of the leaves as well.