Starting a market garden in your yard, both the front and backyards, as is the case with Curtis Stone, who has a great YouTube channel that Eric has learned a lot of gardening tips from.

Eric put roller blade wheels on his office chair, read about it here:

Erin of The Impatient Gardener is reworking her most excellent website and has a very good post on the new invasive worms. You can also hear her on a recent GF Radio show.

Rick is repairing his mini greenhouse and planting swiss chard, a versatile vegetable. Watch our mini greenhouse video builds here:

Rick is on a food fermentation mission,  you can hear Sandor Katz, the fermentation expert on this GF Radio episode:

Rick also likes the Troy-Bilt Flex Log Splitter, here is my video review on it. Troy-Bilt is a sponsor of GF.

Eric tells of his negotiating techniques for buying something from Craigslist.

Eric is going to modify his maple syrup evaporator firebox, Maple Trader has a great discussion group: 

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