“Some people, who travel frequently between the Earth and Mars, have often been quoted as saying the L Punk Attitude and movement began in the Mars Weather Wonderground, shortly after the city was rebuilt.

The children of generations of grown ups and adults who lived their entire lives dependent on tick tock Neotek devices and extrema ad astra nano-tek, rejected all such electronic and solar powered devices out of hand.

They saw their parents attachment to any such devices as leading to the destruction of their planet, and many went wandering in groups or pairs, out through Galactic Time, in search of themselves, or in other words, in search of their true selves, rather than in search of the typical well traveled places to take more selfies, and wallow in their online persona...

The term L Punks is thought to be possibly derived from the word Luddite, describing a person who took part in the great machine rebellion of 1811 in England, in which all the clockwork and industrial factories in Great Britain were smashed and destroyed by mobs of Luddites, for fear they would take away the jobs and livelihoods from human workers on Earth.

A similar rebellion took place when the Splinternet on Mars MP, or Mars Prior, had caused all the Digital Disc and LP record stores to fold up and go out of business overnight, due to most music being suddenly and widely available for free by satellite and other various elite connections.

And then there are those who say the capital LP in LPunk does rather stand for LP or Long Play Vinyl recordings one might have found in the aforementioned disappearing and now hard to find anywhere, music and record shops.

One or two or a few die hards say the L in LP stands for the L train in New York City, on Earth, for no special reason, as anarchy so often does require no special reason.

And finally, I myself, personally know of one person, who says the L in LPunk stands for less bread, more taxes. A great slogan of the White Bread wars, and a common saying in the land of Faerie hidden in the forests of England on Earth and in the crystal caves of Mars AM, or Mars at the Moment.

The LPunks live above and beyond the circle of technology with no input from any tick tock Neotek device...

The LPunks like robots better than people because robots don't bleed as much when you bash them in the face.

The LPunk main preference for social media is sitting in a pub chatting directly with friends.

The only other acceptable form of communique, when a friend is not present is proceeding to a post office and sending a telegram.

Lpunks live on cookies and milk or full or double cream when they can afford it. “

Musique Mécanique par le Théâtre Électrique