—————- :: Special Preview :: —————-

- “Thomas Kyd in the Court of King James” -
- A New Play by Christopher Marlowe -

A most lamentable comedy revealing how King James I sent England’s most vile Puritans to colonise the “New World” in 1603, with two books he wrote :: “Daemonologie” or “How to Find and Burn Witches for Fun and Profit” and “The Bible”...

Prologue :: Spoken by Sycorax, the witch of Lochlaven Island Wood ::

A man of this time and of these hours,
No longer strolls amongst stalking flowers.
And yet still, these children, nestled near,
With electric eyes and a digitized ear,
Raise raging waves against seas of dark reason,
Summoning a day, a man for all seasons...

On this day two friends were banished for treason.
Destined for Padua on a boat in fog.
They came ashore in Scotland, thinking it Prague.
And how these gay lovers do echo from this beach,
This untold tale no teacher will teach.
Our actors will show how Christopher Marlowe,
Did come to be known by more commercial names.
Disguising both himself and his gay friend,
Thomas Kyd, in the Court of King James.

—- Dramatis Personae —-
——-:: The Players :: ——-

King James VI of Scotland
Princess Anne of Elsinore Castle, Denmark
Prince Regent Christian of Elsinore Castle, Anne’s bother
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, Courtiers of Elsinore Castle

Christopher Marlowe, the writer
Thomas Kyd, author of the play “Hamlet”

Guy Fawkes, a revolutionary and a corporate spy

Matthew Hopkins, a witch finder general

Lord Strange, Master of Theatrical Arts

Ingram Frizer, a spy from London
Nicholas Skeres, another spy from London
Robert Pooley, a third spy from London

The Ghost of Mary Queen of Scots, Lochlaven Castle
Lochlaven Castle Guard Sentry #1
Lochlaven Castle Guard Sentry #2

Sycorax, the macabre witch of Lochlaven Island Wood
Fire Axe, her weird sister and the third twin,
Miss Tiffany in Case of Emergency Break Glass

Young Caliban, demon son of Sycorax
Ariel, a Faerie and a Sprite

Musique Mécanique par le Théâtre Électrique ::
"The Rings of Akhaten" by Murray Gold