The Art Of Theatre Electrique :: Our Company of Gay Players Around the Globe ::

Hidden in the catacombs beneath the Paris Opera, Theatre Electrique is starving by day, and bringing the dreams of the oppressed children of paradise to ligh...When the Fascist rulers have long put out the brief candles of winter‘s glow, and the Thought Police have hung their Hidden Camera lenses to dry from crystal snow...”

Please donate generously so that other abused gay innocents may sense the freedom from fear we carry in our hearts to all our distant outposts around the Earth.

Many innocents who gather in secret to enjoy our Traveling Tent show, are ruthlessly murdered before the 3rd page of Act One!

Send us some money for anti aircraft bazookas so our full length musical play may progress in peace, or at least, lay your body down as a Human Shield, if you have already seen the full Play, so others can sit on you closer into the orchestra section nearer to the stage, where at least they can toss us a few coins...