This issue, we proudly display our Comic Book Dick Picks of the Month, and discuss Wonder Woman’s complicated past in ‘Beyond the Pages.’ In ‘Hillbillies on Film’ we will discuss and critique the new Wonder Woman film. In ‘The Mausoleum,’ we briefly review and strongly recommend “Through the Woods” by Emily Carroll and Kentucky Kaiju by Justin Stewart, Tressina Bowling, and Shawn Pryor. This month’s ‘The Imperial Security Bureau,’ breaks down the stalwart B-Wing class frigate and we tell you how to get the most out of this venerable ship. Most importantly, we have our second ever guest host here on the Geeks’ Boutique podcast, Mr. Chris Preece. Chris recently published an educational comic entitled CHEMystery and he’s here to tell us all about it. As always, we welcome our in-studio guests to chime in at will during all of our segments. Say hello, Chris ;) All this and more on this month’s Geeks’ Boutique!”