Welcome to episode #18 of the Geeks’ Boutique Podcast. We are especially excited to present to you an interview with Kevin VanHook, a Renaissance Man: TV / Film writer and director, visual effects supervisor, comic book writer and artist. Mr. VanHook was kind enough to give Zack an interview. Listen to the creator of Bloodshot reflect on his career and inspiration. Everyone check out his documentary "Fantastic Flesh: The Art of Make-Up EFX," and look forward to his upcoming movie "Alpha Wolf" starring Casper Van Dien, Jenny lou Wonder, Patrick Muldoon, James Preston Rogers, Robert Mukes, Dirk Ellis, and the man and director himself, Kevin VanHook. Check out Mr. VanHook on social media.

Finally, GB presents Bandit Sun, a Southedelic Rock band from our very own Lexington, KY. Chunky southern blues riffs, psychedelic ambiance, hard-hitting beats, and a bass groove so smooth you won't be able to keep from moving. The featured track is Back Sliding Love. Social Media sites as follows: