Musician's Moving Online 2 - Singer Songwriter Andy Squires Album Launch

Andy Squires is not unlike many other musicians out there. He is a singer/songwriter; which is a very crowded market. Perhaps the difference between Andy and all the millions of other singer/songwriters out there is that he has a plan for the on and off-line promotion of his soon to be released album. He's done the research and now he's putting the plan into action. A fascinating interview ensues in which he not only shares the tools and resources he will be using to launch his album, but also agrees to come back and share the results with GMI in around nine months time!

Podcast Ep 20 – Table Of Contents
1.42 Introduction from Andy and his background.
5.05 Discussion on the new album.
6.11 Getting picked up by the BBC.
7.07 Gigging all over the place.
8.40 Multi-instrumentalist.
10.05 Production degree already in the bag!
15.31 Thinking in a new way in the digital world.
16.54 A masterstroke in terms of getting the music out to people with influence.
21.21 Making use of Spotify.
24.55 Ensuring that you are heard on multiple online platforms.
25.54 Making use of Facebook advertising.
29.30 Signing up to CDBaby and Tunecore.
32.44 Creating video to backup the release.
36.34 Considering having music used in adverts.

Links To Andy's Website & Other Online Content
We were lucky enough to get some pre-release thirty second extracts from Andy's new album, so have a listen folks!

Used Up Chorus extract

Shattered Friends Chorus extract

Shattered Friends Strings extract

Bad To The Bone extract

The Love He Kept extract

Andy Squire's logo

Here is a collection of handy links to Andy's various online resources, enjoy!

Andy's website can be found here Andy Squire's website Tercel Voice

You can also listen to lots of Andy's content on his Soundcloud page.

Finally, Andy's CDBaby page.
That wraps up this podcast but we'll be back soon with another guitar podcast!
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