Looking To Make Some Money From Your Instrument? Fretish May Be The Answer!

That's right guys, if you have a bunch of gear or perhaps a guitar or two that is not doing anything, then this is the podcast for you. We will be talking to Sam Tharp who runs a bustling new business out of Boston, USA titled Fretish. Come on in to find out more in this twenty third podcast from GMI.

It sounds outlandish in a way, but Sam Tharp is making a business out of helping musicians hire out their own gear (including guitars) to other musicians and the musicians keep the lion's share of the cost. Sam has worked in the highest echelons of the computer industry, but now he's creating his own waves with this new start up company. Need to be convinced about this concept? Listen to the podcast below to have your mind changed.

Podcast Ep 23 – Table Of Contents
1.17 Cambridge town hall in Boston and great Mexican restaurants.
2.58 Sam's background and previous work.
9.25 How the company came about.
13.04 The instruments that people are hiring out.
19.55 Potential pitfalls of the system?
26.50 Ways of protecting both the owner and renter of an instrument.
29.54 Thoughts on how the business is progressing.
36.25 Targeting of instrument makers for try before you buy.
Here is the Fretish video from their Youtube channel

Links To Fretish Online Content
Here are a bunch of links to on how you can learn more about hiring out your gear that perhaps you're not using or don't really want anymore. Included is the main website but there are plenty of social media links for you to choose from as well.

Check out the Fretish Website.

On Social Media? Fretish on Facebook. Here is Fretish on Twitter as well.

The Fretish Youtube channel.
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