Musician's Moving Online 3 - Jazz Fusion Guitarist Thomas Berglund Keeping It Real!



Thomas is one of Sweden's best known guitar players and in the interview that follows, he talks about balancing working online with playing live. He also discusses how he came to be online, the challenges inherent in creating content for guitar players around the world and the many benefits gained by doing so.

Podcast Ep 25 – Table Of Contents
1.50 Introduction to Thomas.
3.27 Working as a musician and guitar teacher.
5.42 The power of Star Licks!
8.55 Going online and speaking English.
9.45 Youtube is where it happens.
13.10 The psychology of paying for material.
21.23 The music scene in Sweden.
23.10 How long does it take to start making a reputation online?
24.28 Making use of social media.
Example of Thomas's Playing and Work On Youtube
Links To Thomas Berglund's Online Content
If you enjoyed the podcast and you want to know more about Thomas and his work then here is a bunch of must click links to his various online real estate.

Check out the Thomas Berglund.

On Social Media? Here is Thomas's Facebook Page and here he is on Instagram.

The Thomas Berglund Youtube channel.
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