Once again here we go, Gone Mental episode 104 back again with the greatest rocknroll in the world. Psychobilly greatness from Sasquatch & The Sick-A-Billys, Frantic Flintstones, The Blasters, brand new tracks from Skitzo, The Tombstones and more.

Sasquatch & The Sick-A-Billys | Delivered From Evil | Drinking Me Dead(Self Release)2009

Nekromantix | Return Of The Loving Dead | I'm A Hellcat(Hellcat Records)2002

The Slanderin' | Blue Ramblin | Bone Breaker Blues(Boss Beat)2008

Pickled Punks | Wake Up Dead | Wake Up Dead(Self Release)2008

Skitzo | Love 'n' Hate | Doctor Death(Diablo Records)2013

Skitzo | Love 'n' Hate | Screaming In Silence(Diablo Records)2013

Radiacs | Hellraiser | Lost(Link Records)1989

The Tombstones | Twang From the Grave Volume 2 | My Bad Angel Eye(ALTCO Recordings)2013

Scary Boom | Revel Without A Cause | Crocodile Hunting(Revel Yell)2003

Three Bad Jacks | Pictures And Memories From Home | I've Been Around(Boston Krown)2011

Chuck and the Crack-Pipes | One Lung Down | Six Pack To Go(Western Star Recordings)2007

Frantic Flintstones | Freaked Out & Psyched Out | Banned From The Koti(Drunkabilly Records)2012

The Quakes | Planet Obscure | Anti Social Girl(Orrexx Records)2013

Old 97's | Wreck Your Life ... And Then Some: The Complete Bloodshot Recordings | My Sweet Blue Eyed Darlin'(Bloodshot Records)2009

The Blasters | Testament: The Complete Slash Recordings | No Other Girl(Slash Records)2002

The Matadors | Horrorbilly 9000 | Devil's Elbow Bridge(Stereo Dynamite Recordings)2006

The Meteors | Madman Roll | Running 'Round(Sonovabitch Records)1991