Another hour of the greatest rocknroll of earth. Episode 116 we mentioned the give away contest which is still open for the Reverend Beat-man/Goddamn Gallows split. Deadline for entry is this Thursday the 13th. We kicked things off with some psychobilly from Spanish rockers Calamitez, went into a set from Scott H. Biram and went from there into the usual greatness we do every week.
Come on and get it.

Calamitiez | Urban Legends | Behind The Green Door(Crazy Love Records)2008

Scott H. Biram | Nothin' But Blood | Alcohol Blues(Bloodshot Records)2014

Scott H. Biram | Graveyard Shift | Reefer Load(Bloodshot Records)2006

Scott H. Biram | The Dirty Old One Man Band | Someday Baby(Bloodshot Records)2005

Brown Vampire Catz | Makabre Funeral Memory | Out Of Prison(Self Release)2009

As Diabatz | 1St Degree Crazy Psychos | Out Of Sight(Drunkabilly Records)2012

Starlite Wranglers | Devil's Wheels | Alcohol King(Crazy Love Records)2005

Phantom Rockers | On The Loose | Jungle Beat(Split 7 Media)2005

Guitar Slingers | One Man Freakshow | Gearldene(Crazy Love Records)2010

Sour Mash Kats | Psycho In The Street Vol. 1 | My Baby's Got The Flesh Eatin' Bacteria(Vicious Mistress Records)2014

Nick Curran | Reform School Girl | Tough Lover(Eclecto Groove Records)2010

Lloyd Fatman | Okeh For Rock & Roll | Miss Mush Mouth(Bear Family)1993

Ray Condo | Door-To-Door Maniac | She Likes To Boogie Real Low(Joaquin Records)1997

The Cramps | Fiends Of Dope Island | Papa Satan Sang Louie(Vengeance Records)2003

The Cramps | Stay Sick! | Her Love Rubbed Off(Enigma Records)1990

The Cramps | Big Beat from Badsville | It Thing Hard-On(Epitaph Records)1997

Dad Horse Experience | Rodentia: The Best Of Dark Roots Music | Gates Of Heaven(Devil's Ruin Records)2008