Another special 2 hour episode of Gone Mental! This week we introduce a new monthly segment highlighting essential psychobilly albums plus a double helping of the best rocknroll on earth featuring Demented Are Go, Mojo Nixon, The Quakes, Rip Carson, Hexxers and more.
Git it.

Demented Are Go | Hellucifenation | Daddies Makin' Monsters(Crazy Love Records)1999

The Dicemen | Johnny Walker | Johnny Walker(Crazy Love Records)2002

Gutter Demons | Misery, Madness & Murder Lullabies | Dead Or Alive(Self Release)2008

Mad Sin | Amphigory | Alien Bug(Crazy Love Records)1991

Krewmen | Plague Of The Dead | What's Wrong(Lost Moment Records)1988

The Peacocks | Anger And Demand | Nothing's Dangerous Anymore(Downer Records)2001

Graveyard Johnnys | Songs From Better Days | Put Your Money Down(Wolverine Records)2011

Barnyard Ballers | Punkabilly Invasion | Blood Fued(Crazy Love Records)1997

The Hangmen | Tested On Animals | Zombi Boy(Bone Tone Corporation)1997

Monster Klub | Drink With The Devil | Canibal Nurse(NOCO)2005

The Quakes | Negative Charge | Raining All My Life(Orrexx Records)2009

Dead Bundy & The Neat Neat Neats | Train To Paradise | Hellbound(Self Release)2013

The Doppelgangers | Bad, Bad Man | Voices In My Head(Diablo Records)2013

Archie | Listen To What Archie Sez | Listen To What Archie Sez(Kix 4 U Records)1986

Es-Feiv | Cows In Motion | No Comin' Back(Kix 4 U Records)1989

The Skrunch | The Skrunch | Small Town Stomp(Tombstone Records)1989

The Meteors | In Heaven | Shout So Loud(Lost Soul Records)1981

The Meteors | In Heaven | Maniac(Lost Soul Records)1981

The Meteors | In Heaven | Rockabilly Psychosis(Lost Soul Records)1981

Mama Rosin | Brule Lentement | Le Two-Step De L'haricot(Voodoo Rhythm)2009

Hank III | Damn Right, Rebel Proud | Six Pack Of Beer(Sidewalk Records)2008

.357 String Band | Lightning From The North | Half Tank of Gas, Full Tank of Lies(Farmageddon Records)2010

Mojo Nixon | Gadzooks!!! The Homemade Bootleg | Tulane(Needletime)1997

Southern Culture On The Skids | Ditch Diggin' | New Cooter Boogie(Safe House)1994

St Dallas And The Sinners | Hail Mary | Punch Drunk(Zero Youth Records)2012

The Falls | Unreleased | Evil '56(Self Release)2008

The Falls | Unreleased | Creature Feature(Self Release)2008

Klingonz | Lost In Space | I'm Old(Ring Sting)

King Kurt | Ooh Wallah Wallah | Wreck A Party Rock(Stiff Records)1983

Banditoz Band | Rhythm-Land | Bad Girls(Self Release)2012

Zombie Space Pirates | | Striken(Self Release)

Rip Carson | My Simple Life | Sinkin' Down(Golly Gee Records)2005

Hexxers | Freaks With The Savage Beat | You Put Me On(Golly Gee Records)2005

Rockin' Ryan & The Real Goners | Caged Heat | Caged Heat (Stroller)(Golly Gee Records)2003

Tall Boys | One | Ride This Torpedo(Diablo Records)2013